Baghdad, the capital Iraqi, receives the Tour for World Peace an  initiative of 100 Cities for the Peace
The aim of International Tour is the town twinning between developed cities and the cities that have gone out or that want to go out of armed conflicts  of our more recent history, promoting the world awareness of the extreme needs of the populations victims of the atrocities of the war.

The Father Angel, founder and president of " Messengers of Peace ", and Yuri Chugúyev, Russian composer and vice-president of " 100 cities for the peace ", on 23th December 2007 had an official reception and an interview with the prime minister Iraqi, Nuri al Maliki, to explain the initiative “Tour for World Peace” and  to communicate the Spanish medical assistance to be send to help the sick and disabled children of war.

Father Angel, Nuri al Maliki and Yuri Chugúyev