Mérida - Cozumel


Cozumel, World Peace Island
Mérida, twin city

The Cozumel Island (Mexico), in hands of his municipal president Juan Carlos Gonzalez Hernández, received the PAX URBIS Award as member of honor of 100 Cities for the Peace.


This well-deserved recognition of Cozumel's Island, initiated from the program "The Child, the Sea and the Peace", is an action in which the Cozumel community have collaborated, and which has placed the island in the eyes of the world since at the same time, a twinning agreement between Cozumel's city and Merida (Yucatan) will have benefits for those who constantly travel to the capital of the State of Yucatan.


During the PAX URBIS award gala, the city recived the official designation of

"Merida, City of Peace", and was emphasized that today it is the surest city and one of the udders of Mexico with better quality of life, and with vocation of being the most just, with real and equitable opportunities for all.


The Mayor Angélica Araujo, said that the designation brings, first of all, a deep responsibility of strengthening and consolidating the bows of brotherhood and social harmony that characterize Merida.

Merida Mayor, Angélica Araujo Lara and the Cozumel Mayor, Juan Carlos González Hernández, have signed the twin city agreement between both cities.



Cozumel Island (Mexico), receive the PAX URBIS International Award of 100 Cities for Peace. 

 The Zamná Trimaran was hand-made by Mexican carpenters,

and 400 tons of wood were used.

“The Child, The Sea and the Peace”
Rewarded project 2010

Designated cities: Santander (Spain), Cozumel (Mexico)

The journey " The child, the sea, the peace " is based on an original idea of the Captain Vital Alsar to promote the message of Peace between the children of the world.

It consisted of a maritime voyage that during 2009 departed from Cozumel, the island of Peace, to Greece, as an act of brotherhood between two of the biggest cradles of the Mediterranean and Indo-American civilizations, taking as ambassador and crew member a child of Cozumel's island. The aim is to achieve the hoisting of the flag of the Peace in the schools of the world and to promote the culture of  peace between the smallest.

The project was to construct a ship for peace, a dream and an idea which construction was realized in 13 months. The Captain Vital Alsar Ramirez, navigator for 40 years for peace, planned this project in which the Mexican Jose Manuel Díaz Rubio was added as sponsor and promoter.

The Spanish Father Ángel García Rodríguez, rewarded with the Prince of Asturias of the Concord Award and leader for peace during 45 years, sheltered this project under the emblem Association Messengers of Peace, with headquarters in Madrid, Spain.


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