The Princess Nora of Liechtenstein studied in the University of Geneva and in the University Institute of High International Studies.

She was employed as assistant at the research group of the World Bank (Washington D.C.) and at the International Institute for the Environment and the Development.

Nowadays she is a member of the International Olympic Committee and collaborates with the development of educational organizations of the catholic church.

Nora of Liechtenstein
Honorary president
Constitutional Charter

The problems that the cultural differences have generated, the relativism on humanitarian basic questions and the bleeding extension of the international conflicts,  have made that the mobilization of people  in institutions, in all the areas of the civil society, are now more important and necessary than never.


Therefore 100 Cities for Peace, a non-profit institution born from the civil society, wants to be the loudspeaker of those initiatives that propose, in the area of the PEACE AND UNITY, solutions and corporate or personal proposals in the five continents.


Our desire is that the massive participation in these institutional, cultural, social, civic and religious events turns into a call to the consciences, turning the plurality into a joyful vision of the world from three basic ideas:

1. The dignity of human beings is a product of their singularity, which makes them worthy of preserving their life and developing it in all of their corporal and spiritual dimensions.

2. Therefore, the life of the human beings must be an absolute value in all of their biological processes, and it is not possible to use the violence in any of the phases of their reality.

3. Peace is a search process of justice in all the levels of the human relations which lead us to confront and solve the conflicts with a non-ideological truth that can give universal value to the rights and duties that we pursue, beyond majorities or personal decisions.





Nora of Liechtenstein