Lorenzo Quinn

Sculptor, Italy


The young and famous sculptor Lorenzo Quinn has been chosen to present part of his sculptural work representing the INTERNATIONAL AWARDS 100 CITIES FOR THE PEACE, giving coverage to the cultural project of the artist that he himself has baptized " UNION PROJECT ".


The principal artwork of these international prizes is the “CITY OF PEACE AWARD", based in the project "UNION": The sculptor will travel to the twin cities and will realize in situ the mold of the hand of both maximum representatives of both cities. With this mold, Lorenzo Quinn will create a sculpture with both hands that, illuminated, will project the shade of a DOVE OF PEACE. This sculpture will be given to the city as an authentic commitment for the peace and the unit and will be available also as a COMMITMENT-AWARD to the maximum international authorities that join this important call for the World Peace.

Once these commitment-awards  are performed in the whole world, a monumental sculpture formed by the merger of all the pairs of hands will be realized, symbolizing the force of Peace. The sculptures will be placed in each ‘City for Peace’ and at the UN headquarter.

Likewise, an ITINERANT EXHIBITION will be realized in each of the  Cities for Peace Network, with the rest of Lorenzo Quinn's artwork, with all the symbolic force of Peace and Unit that impregnates the work of this great contemporary sculptor.