The maestro Yuri Chuguyev performed a fragment of his "Concert for the World Peace" in in the presence of His Holiness the Pope Francis

June 26, 2016

Spirituality and happiness met in front of more than 60.000 persons in Yerevan's Republic Square on the occasion of the visit of His Holiness to Armenia.

Yuri Chuguyev, memeber of the Artists for Peace Network performed a piece of his "Concert for the World Peace"

The world premiere one week ago of the work "Gaudir de Gaudí" - To enjoy Gaudí - by the composer and recognized percussionist Yuri Chuguyev, has had an extraordinary colophon: to include a work of the maestro Chuguyev in the concert that last Friday, the 25th of June, was celebrated in presence of the Pope Francis.

LUX TV & PAX URBIS "Jutta Burggraf Award"

Soon this year LUX TV labour will be recognized for promoting the Spiritual Culutre for Peace with the International PAX URBIS Award. 

TV LUX is an independent Slovak catholic television originated in 2008 (4th of May), built on a catholic basis but opened to other Christian denominations and programs, directed to a wide range of viewers - children, youth, adults and elders.

TV LUX aims to offer quality programs focused on spiritual and human values and spreading joy and hope.

"Our ambition is to be an alternative and a messenger of peace and encouragement for all." 

TV NOE & PAX URBIS Award for the promotion of Spiritual Culture for Peace

Soon this year 100 Cities for Peace will recognize the values of Peace, Tolerance & Ecumenism of TV NOE with the International PAX URBIS Award

TV NOE is the only Czech non-commercial TV and the only Czech Television with a large part of its broadcast specialized in to the Christian audience, as well as various non-confessional educational  programs about history and natural science (especially astronomy and biology) or fairy tales for children.

The main focus of the station is to spread positive values, such tolerance among people, and expanding spiritual and cultural horizons. Religiously tolerant, apolitical, a helper for those who need a rest, advice, assistance or protection. TV NOE is a television with an ethical dimension, designed for the whole family, and build on traditional Christian values.

Miami: PAX URBIS Award "Art & Culture"

Comming soon: the PAX URBIS Gala, which in the modality of " Art and Culture " will reward the initiative of the Colonial Florida.

Located in Allapattah's neighborhood of Miami (Florida), the Colonial Florida is a cultural project in which art, music, history and architecture join to spread the history of the colonial Florida. Dedicated to the cataloguing, restoring, and diffusion of the historical - artistic heritage of colonial era, through one of the more extensive collections of art of the period of the United States.

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