Under the motto “Doing good, doing well” and with the intention to work together for the Millennium Goals of the UN, ‘100 Cities for Peace’ makes an international call among the 100 cities that present the most outstanding social action initiatives of the world, for the work carried out by the local government, the civil institutions or the persons that work in the city.

The aim of this call is to select the best social proposals that in the period 2016-2017 may serve as a paradigm and role model of “good practices” to be spread around the world, since we are convinced that the constant and extensive communication contributes to a necessary “positive contagion”  to create awareness  among the local councillors and the public opinion.


The selection will be realized by an international juror, that through a detailed study of the actions and social initiatives presented during the call 2016-2017, will select those that stand out for their contribution to the Culture of Peace.


The international advisory committee is composed by personalities of different professional, cultural and institutional areas, with long experience and prestige. They have a status of international juror in this process of selection, a call open to cities of the five continents.


                                      Cities       for Peace 
               International Network

Through the PAX URBIS Commitment-Award we recognize and promote the most outstanding social initiatives and furthermore, the selected city is declared “City for Peace”.


The cities that join the Cities for the Peace Network show their commitment and implication by creating a Citizen Committee that, divided in twelve areas of action, communicate to us monthly the good practices that may serve as a model to follow.


On the other hand, the social dimension of this process is the town twinning between the rewarded city and a host-city of solidarity projects, to be chosen among the NGOs and foundations that work for International Development Cooperation in different parts of the world. This town twinning will imply the financing of the rewarded project among all the organizations and estates of the city, emphasizing the solidarity action, tangible and indispensable with the most sensitive groups of social exclusion.

The initiatives of the rewarded cities will have a media loudspeaker that spreads them throughout the world, as we are convinced that example is the engine of change. With this belief ‘100 Cities for Peace’ created Media Peace, an International Media Network for Peace aiming to spread this good practices all over the world.

If the rewarded city wishes to have a bigger diffusion, through an agreement that will monthly produce and distribute a video-reportage about the good practices that the Citizen Committee of the city wants to spread worldwide.