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Courses for students and professionals of Catholic media

The Cardinal Foley scholarship fund helps to pay for the education and maintenance expenses of students of the Global South in master’s and post-graduate programs in Communications.


The scholarship fund is coordinated and administered by CAMECO. The selection committee which grants the scholarships is composed by representatives of the Vatican’s Dicastery of Communications, Missio Aachen, the Institute of Missiology, the Catholic Communications Campaign of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) and Adveniat.


All candidates must be supported by an authority of the Church or a religious superior which will be the formal applicant. Candidates cannot present their candidacy by themselves.


Since 2012, 34 people have studied or continue studying thanks to a Cardinal Foley scholarship, and other 6 have been selected in 2018. The fund receives the name of the Cardinal John Patrick Foley, ex-president of the Pontifical Council for Social Communications, honouring his permanent commitment to strengthen the Church’s competency in the field of communications.


Barcelona Catholic Center is the name of the headquarters of the International Association John Paul II for the education of students from all over the world that live in this wonderful capital of the Meditarranean. The length of the stay varies depending on the courses taken.


The courses are thought to train students integrally in the technical aspects of television, radio, internet and social media.

El BARCELONA CATHOLIC CENTER has its own residence for students, ideal for sharing a great experience in the city. 

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