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Luz ventana en la iglesia
Iglesia en Brasil
Cathedral of Barcelone

In collaboration with the Association Nartex, we develop initiatives to rediscover Christian art, transmitting to the public its authentic artistic and theological value.


Our objective is to become a reference point for those who wish to better understand the authenticity of our religious heritage.

Our projects are based on a strict research, in collaboration with teachers, guides and volunteers who are able to transmit their faith through their work. We are an open and respectful association, with a strong international and ecumenical character, proposing a modern, original and truthful look at Christian art.




To pray in front of a work of art or in a religious atmosphere is not always easy. With this activity, we attempt to promote a close encounter between the spectator and the Lord.   


In front of the Blessed Sacrament, and guided by a text composed for the occasion, the participants get involved with the transcendent significance of these works, helps by intervals of music and silence.




St. Augustine said that what is unknown cannot be loved, and that is the reason why education is one of the fundamental pillars of this activity. We offer an annual program of lectures, provided by expert scholars, as well as a summer course at the end of June.


Likewise, Nartex counts with a seminar catalogue that take place in different universities and institutions.




Nartex organizes a complete annual program guided visits and cultural exhibitions, according to the events of the liturgical year.


Additionally, we have an extensive catalogue of visits and activities for groups, schools or other institutions. Check it out here:


The nonprofit complex Colonial Florida Cultural Heritage Center is located in the campus of the historical church Corpus Christi in Allapattah, Miami.



The mission of the center is to acquire, preserve and offer to the public, today and in the future, Florida’s cultural and artistic heritage. Its focus ranges from the times of the first colonial influence in the south, center and north of America and the Caribbean, up until the 19th century.

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